WinRK File Archiver

WinRK is a high performance, multi-format file archiver.

WinRK supports all of the most comman archive formats in use today, including ZIP, RAR, ACE, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, ISO and the native RK format. The native RK format provides industry leading compression, encryption and analysis capabilities.

Price: NZ$32.00


WinRK is a new high performance file archiver. Built from the ground up for better compression and security, it provides the best platform for managing and creating file archives.

WinRK supports all the most common archive formats in use today, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2, TAR, RAR and ISO. WinRK’s ZIP support is fully compatible with both the Zip64 standard and the new WinZIP AES encryption standard. This means that ZIP files created with WinRK can take advantage of file and archive sizes of over 4GB, along with strong encryption capabilities. The ZIP deflate and deflate64 algorithms have been improved as well, providing 10-20% smaller archives in most cases, without loosing any compatibility!

WinRK also provides a new high performance RK archive format. This format was designed from the outset to remove many of the limitations of older archive formats, and so provides much better compression and security than other formats. It supports a virtually unlimited archive size, which makes it ideal for very large backups. It also provides compression options ranging from fast and efficient, all the way to a ‘spare no cost’ approach which provides the very best compression ratios in the world.

One of the most interesting innovations that WinRK brings to archiving is a unique modern user interface design. WinRK provides access to archives using a modify then apply paradigm, allowing many changes to be made to an archive in one single batch. This can be especially important for very large archives as it means that many normally prohibitively expensive individual changes can be made to to the archive in one single action. WinRK also places no arbitrary restrictions on modifying existing archives, unlike many existing popular archivers. This allows files to be added to, removed from, renamed or moved within an existing archive.

A new addition to WinRK is support for a Plugin API. This allows developers to extend WinRK by writing plugins to support different archive formats. Support is also provided for new compression algorithms to be plugged directly into the native WinRK format, allowing codec developers to leverage the full potential of the WinRK format with very little extra work.


WinRK combines many standard archiving features with a new, powerful and feature filled GUI interface. Some of the features included are:

  • Powerful archiving interface using a modify apply paradigm.
  • Full support for several standard archive types, including ZIP, BZIP2, GZIP, TAR, TAR.GZ, TAR.BZ2, ISO and RAR (read-only).
  • Powerful native RK archive format providing many new features (see below).
  • Full internal unicode support, providing faithful reproduction of file and archive names on all unicode file systems.
  • Support for creating self extracting ZIP and RK archives for Win32, Win64 and WinCE platforms.
  • User interface localised to several different languages. Simple support for localisation to any unicode supported language.
  • Support for viewing CJK text even on European Windows versions.
  • Shell integration, including drag and drop and right click menu options and property pages for archives.

RK Format

The native RK archive format provides the following features:

  • New, state of the art compression algorithms, providing the worlds best compression ratios (see Maximum Compression).
  • Intelligent analysis of file contents, allowing even better compression ratios for common data types.
  • Support for text dictionaries for English, German and Russian languages, improving compression ratios for text and document files using these languages.
  • Encryption with a choice of three different 128bit block ciphers - Square, Rijndael (AES) and Twofish.
  • Multiple volumes spanning essentially any number of volumes (max 2^31) and volume size.
  • 64bit file and archive sizes, allowing for arbitrarily large archives.
  • Essentially unlimited number of files in an archive (max 2^31).
  • Unicode file and path names.
  • Intelligent solid archiving, providing faster archive update speeds.
  • Full ability to modify and update solid archives, including adding, removing, renaming and moving files within the archive.
  • Plugin SDK supporting plugin archive handlers and third party codecs for the RK format.
  • Flexible multi-lingual SFX support, targeting several platforms.



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